Welcome to a site dedicated to all the technology that lets you shoot at other people without actually hurting them. Yes, paintball, Airsoft, and a few more esoteric games are the order of the day here. So if you crave the thrill of simulated combat then you’ve come to the right place!

Who Am I?

I’m glad you asked. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “gamer”. I’m competitive and love to play games. That includes video games, board games, and, of course, games played in the great outdoors – ones that use the entire body!

I played paintball for the first time when I was 16 years old and since then I’ve taken the chance to play it when the stars aligned. I’m not a pro, nor even someone who braves the field every weekend. However, paintball and other games like it have always been there to cheer me up or give me an excuse to see sunlight. That’s a joy I’d like to spread around a little to others; especially since it seems the enthusiasm for these games has cooled in the last few years.

Paintball for the People

Paintball is a game where a bunch of people arm themselves with paintball markers, don some masks, and then run around firing small paint-filled balls at each other. As ridiculous as this may sound, paintball is actually a heck of a lot of fun. Even better, it’s not that expensive to get into and it’s a great activity to enjoy with your friends, kids, and partners.

You only need two things to start your paintball journey: a marker and a mask.

paintball gun pointed

Making Your Mark(er)

In paintball, your marker is everything. It’s the instrument of victory and the way in which you express your will on the field. Choosing the right marker is very important if you want to have the best experience possible.

If you are in the market for a paintball marker, I’d suggest heading straight to my paintball marker buyer’s guide and get the most important factors to consider solidly embedded in your memory.

Next, you might want to learn a little about how markers actually work. Having a good grasp of the bits inside the marker and what they do will help you make good decisions on where to spend your money.

The Mask

Paintballs are flung at some pretty respectable speeds. Typically a paintball marker will fire paintballs at 300 feet per second. It’s not enough to do any permanent damage, but if you took that to the face and its delicate parts, things can get serious very quickly. This is why the paintball mask is essential safety equipment wherever paintball is played. At the same time, it’s also become a prime spot for style and decoration. I have reviewed a few popular models that should get you on the road to properly protecting your moneymaker from those tewwible paintballs.

Incidentally, it’s somewhat optional, but you need to at least consider getting a chest protector. This is a piece of equipment that lessens the impact of the balls and prevents bruises. Female players in particular may want to commit to this, since taking hits to the chest can be more painful for them.

Paintball Culture

Paintball is more than a game, it’s also a community. It used to be the next best thing in alternative sport too, but that’s a story for another time. To really get what paintball is all about, you can read up a little on the history of paintball. I promise it’s much more interesting than you may think.

The hipper, modern side of paintball is very much entwined with the internet; that’s why I have also decided to highlight some of the best paintball-related YouTube talent. If you want to understand modern paintball culture and what makes it special, this is the first place you should go.

I’ve also made a short list of paintball superstars from the competitive scene which will give you a crash course in the who’s who of paintball. At least during its heyday.

What you will notice is that a big part of paintball these days is capturing and sharing the experience. That would basically be impossible without the invention of the action camera. Check out my action cam reviews and see which cameras could capture your next legendary play.

Alternatives to Paintball

For all this talk of paintball, you’d think it was the only combat simulation out there, but in truth there are quite a few takes on this basic concept.
There are two much softer options available for those who don’t want the pain or mess that paintball may entail.

Nerf blasters are the first alternative I’d suggest. These plastic guns fire soft darts that can fly dozens of feet, but won’t break or hurt anything that they hit. The blasters are cheap, come in lots of varieties, and make for play-anywhere fun.

The other alternative is much more old-school. Yes, it’s Lazer Tag – a game that uses infrared beams fired at sensors. Things have really progressed since the 80s when this game was at its peak. You don’t need a whole arena any more. You can just order some blasters online and play anywhere with your friends and family. I explain all you need to know about Lazer Tag here.

There is one more alternative to paintball that deserves its own section, which is exactly what it got! I am, of course, talking about the absolute phenomenon that is Airsoft.

airsoft guns

The Airsoft Army

Unlike paintball, Airsoft puts a lot of emphasis on being realistic. Yes, you can totally use paintball gear to learn all sorts of things about tactics, teamwork, and other combat disciplines. Paintball markers, however, look nothing like real firearms.

Airsoft changes all that. The guns look like real guns, although they only fire virtually harmless plastic BB pellets. Airsoft players are very into replicating the look and feel of real combat. If you ever wanted to play SWAT or Call of Duty in real life, Airsoft may be for you. Even if you just like firearm designs, collecting Airsoft guns is a hobby in itself.

While I think paintball is far more visceral and certainly more about the fun, there is something to be said for the combat role-playing that Airsoft brings. On this site you can learn how Airsoft is played, and once you know how to do that you’re ready to start thinking about buying your first Airsoft gun.

This is My Rifle, There are Many Like It…

Just like the paintball marker, the Airsoft rifle is the main tool of Airsoft players. Unlike paintball markers, Airsoft guns come in as many varieties as real guns. The most common is the rifle, such as assault rifles. You also get sidearms, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and even Airsoft machine guns.

To get a quick handle on this variety of weapon, head over to my Airsoft buyer’s guide, but perhaps first check out how Airsoft guns work. Unlike paintball markers, these guns have a variety of operating principles.

Oh, maybe you want to know how the game is played first? There’s a guide for that too . Speaking of guides…

A Guiding Hand

Whether you want some help getting an edge in paintball or in Airsoft, I have spent quite some time looking for answers to my own questions on how not to suck. I’ve filtered this information through my own understanding an squeezed the paste of wisdom onto the pages of your screen.

So, you can learn about the types of paintball matches you can play and how to be safe while playing them. Want to know how to maintain your marker? Got you covered, friend. I’ve even found a whole bunch of tips from various sources on how to be a better paintball player.

There’s more than that and more coming, so feel free to explore the site; I’m sure you’ll find something to elevate your play.

Game On!

There’s a lot I didn’t have a chance to mention, but half the fun of visiting a site like this is exploring it. So I’m not going to keep any longer. Browse, peruse, and take what you need. Come back again to check out new content and please refer your friends if you like what you see. Be safe on the field and have fun!