I’m a grown man who just can’t grow out of his love of games – whether video games, board games, or intricate sports like paintball, Airsoft, and the like. I spend most of my free time on these sorts of activities and I really believe the world would be a much better place if people spent more time playing.

In my grown-up job I work as a professional writer and researcher, helping with the advancement of educational paradigms – another place where play is super-important.

I started this site because I really think paintball and other similar combat simulation games can be transformative. Not only do they provide a fun outdoor activity, they build friendships and structure. This is why I’ve tried to put up a site that will give you all the information you need to get into paintball or something close to it. My approach is that you should pick what works for you, and believe that no one type of game is superior to the other. They are just different.

My hope with this site is that it will make things easier for anyone who wants to get into paintball or paintball-adjacent games. Because these hobbies are all so well established and there’s an overload of data, newbies might be discouraged. It’s exactly that situation I want to help prevent so that people don’t miss out on the fun, excitement, and joy that paintball can bring.

So thanks for giving my site a visit and hopefully you’ll find everything you need here to get out on the field and start playing. If we can get that far, then I’m willing to declare this particular mission a success!